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"The IRS is not your friend.  We are your friend."  

What does tax relief look like?


Immediately upon calling TaxMan Help you will speak with a qualified Tax Associate who will assess your best options. This consultation is 100% free and confidential.

Next, you can take your first step towards resolving your tax problem – the Investigation Phase. First, our tax professionals perform an extensive investigation into the specifics of your case. Armed with the details, they will identify the best possible tax resolution strategy.

Sometimes the IRS will use wage garnishments, bank levies or tax liens to threaten taxpayers. Our agents can take immediate action, working to help stop these aggressive tactics during the Investigation. 


Our tax attorneys have the experience to secure you the best possible deal from the IRS. You can rest assured that your case will get the expert attention that it deserves. Our team consists of over ten licensed expert professionals – on-staff and in-house.

  1. First, our agents gather and file all the necessary documents to bring you into full legal compliance with the IRS.
  2. Next, our tax experts meticulously build a case to support your resolution strategy.
  3. Finally, they present your case to the IRS and position you to receive the best attainable financial outcome.

Every situation is unique, but our goal is always the same: to provide you with the best financial outcome allowed by law.

Our staff will keep you informed and empowered throughout the entire process. Our passion and dedication to customer service is at the heart of our Core Values

CONSIDER ALTERNATIVES (This is why your hire us!) 

  • Dispute the tax.  Maybe IRS was simply wrong on the facts.  
  • Delay payment

  • Permanently cancel the tax debt.  Based upon your income and net worth

You can challenge them.  Fair is fair.  But deadlines are firm here

Based upon your ability to pay.  You can repay over 72 months.  Installment Agreement.  Not an absolute right  This is a privilege granted by IRS.  Need to be upfront with them.

This is the famous "Offer in Compromise".  The Brass Ring.  And you really need to be destitute to get this.  But it can be done.

  • Currently Not Collectible.  Here, IRS is not cancelling your tax debt, but does recognize that you can't pay.  So, they stop collection activities for 18 months or so.  And then take another look.