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"The IRS is not your friend.  We are your friend."  

I’m afraid of the IRS, too!

Hi, my name is Bruce Kowal.  I’m a CPA and I’ve been dealing with IRS for my Clients for over two decades.  So, you’d think I would be pretty casual when dealing with IRS . . . well, that’s very true if YOU are the Client. .  . but when I got a letter from IRS in December, I froze!

I looked to see how thick it was.   Did it come in a window envelope?  Perhaps it came to me because I had Power of Attorney for a Client.  But it didn’t look that way.  It was for me.  And I had not yet received my refund . . .I let it sit for two weeks.  

Then I opened it.  Two full pages of type.   in the middle of the first page it asked me to submit my 1095-A.  Health Insurance Marketplace Statement.  

Why?  They have a copy, and they didn’t ask for it to be included with my tax return.  

And my refund would be held up until they received and processed.  At least four weeks.

So what am I trying to say?  That I understand the fear that comes in an envelope from IRS.  And it caused me some grief.  

When I do this for Clients, I am fearless. . . .

You know, the IRS could put smiley faces, hearts and kisses on the envelopes, and it would not change the impact.  

Because at the end of the day, the IRS is not your Friend,

We are your Friend.

When You get that letter from IRS, OPEN IT, and call me if IRS claims that you owe them over $10,000

Call 1-800-991-3049

And before you call, ask yourself the following SIX QUESTIONS:

What is most important to you about resolving your IRS problem?

Why is this important to you?

What is the cost of not having this IRS problem out of your life?

If you could waive a magic wand and have your entire IRS issue resolved and out of your lief, what would that look like?

If you did get your IRS matter resolved, what would that ultimately mean to you?

What are the stumbling blocks have been preventing you from handling this problem until now?

Call 1-800-991-3049

Now, for me to jump on the case and get you towards resolving your tax problem, here are SIX QUESTIONS I will ask you:

Were you referred by your CPA or Attorney to us?

Does the IRS/State claim you owe $10,000 or more? What is the approximate amount they claim you owe?

How many years of unfiled returns do you think you have?

Are you wages being garnished YET?  Has the IRS/State taken money out of your bank account YET?

Are you being audited?

Are you receiving threatening collection letters from IRS/State YET?


Let Us Deal With The IRS For You

             Our clients generally NEVER meet or speak with the IRS

Call 1-800-991-3049

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  . . .negotiating an offer for discounted settlement. . . 

Offer payment of a lower amount to wipe out your entire tax liability and release of Federal Tax Liens.

 . . .asking for an appeal of the taxes owed.

Request that the IRS re-examine your case in order to reduce the amount you owe

. . . requesting a reduction in penalties

Present valid reasons for your tax problems and have the IRS reduce penalties to zero

. . . offering a payment plan

Offer the IRS a payment plan this is workable for you

. . .filing unfiled tax returns

You may still file original tax returns for past years, usually reducing the taxes and penalties owed.

We will also represent you before your State tax authority


David H.  Management Consultant,  Massachusetts

"I had filed my tax returns, but because of moving from State to State I kept IRS from coming after me to collect.  Well, they garnished my wages.  That got my attention.   Bruce got me something called a Partial Payment Installment Agreement.  It's another way to pay less than 100% of what you owe.   It's not an Offer In Compromise, but I ended up paying 30 cents on the dollar."

Larry F.  Commercial Mortgage Broker,  Metro New York

"I am a Commercial Mortgage Broker.  I didn't file tax returns for some years in the past.  Then IRS filed the returns for me.   They said I owed $280,000.  My new wife was pretty mad, as she has no idea that I had this.  In the end, we got an Offer In Compromise for $80,000.  Not like they advertise, "pennies on the dollar", but still a relief.  And I had a reasonable period of time to pay that amount."

John M.  Self-Employed Courier, Metro New York

"I am a Courier.  I drive a mini-van in the Metro New York area.  Just a horrible place to drive.  But it's a job.  IRS didn't believe my mileage deductions on my Schedule C.  I am Self-Employed.  Even with documentation supplied by the Company, they didn't believe me and hit me with $50,000 of taxes for two years.  Bruce got an Audit Reassessment, and IRS, after two years, allowed the deductions.  This IRS Agent herself, when it was over, said I was lucky to have Bruce on that case, other people would have simply walked away and left me to my fate."

Niels L.  Physician,  Providence, Rhode Island

"I had a difficult time when IRS audited my business two years in a row.  Bruce stepped up to the plate and settled both years for a "No Change".  You can't imagine what a relief that was.  The amounts they were asking for were over $75,000 for each year"


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