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"The IRS is not your friend.  We are your friend."  

About us and you - Clients not customers

We started our business because we actually like fighting with the IRS!  And we love winning for our Clients.

  Our idea was to create great, high-quality boutique service at reasonable prices to remote Clients.  The kind of service normally available to Clients who come to our office and meet with us personally.  

 The expansion of tax relief services has given rise to the "Tax Relief Business", where taxpayers are no longer Clients, but Customers.   A lack of professionalism:  too many people looking at your personal financial information, computer-driven "solutions" which overlook your own, individual circumstances.

You know what else?  If you read the very, very fine print at the Big Tax Resolution firms, they do indeed SELL your information.  You need to look closely, but they make money off you and shred your privacy.


Bruce Kowal, Director

Bruce is a leading expert on solving Individual and Small Business IRS tax problems.  As a CPA, he has represented hundreds of taxpayers who owe the IRS, but simply cannot afford to pay.

He has worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers,   Ernst & Young and a regional accounting firm specializing in High Net Worth individuals.  Since 2004 he has been dedicated exclusively to helping individuals and businesses solve their IRS collection related problems.  

A graduate of the Bentley University Master's program in Federal and State taxation in Waltham, Mass.,  Bruce also holds an MBA from Columbia University.   He is licensed in the State of Texas, and serves on the Committee on Relations with the IRS with the New York  State Society of CPA's.   

Bruce Kowal is a Veteran, United States Navy (Enlisted)